Profile of a Wedding Photographer in Kent Catherine Hill


I’m Catherine, I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer in Kent and am based in Bridge, just outside Canterbury and I love photographing people and moments in time which will be cherished forever.

As a full time, professional photographer, I strive to offer creative, honest, heartfelt imagery, to capture a beautiful moment in time, and to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. I want to capture ‘the real thing’: expressions, laughter, tears of joy; whatever comes naturally. In particular I specialise in documenting weddings to tell a story of one of the most significant days in somebody’s life by using my photojournalistic and artist style.  I’m passionate about natural, unobtrusive photography because I love the personal stories these pictures tell. I also believe that my discreet approach relaxes people so they feel totally at ease with me being around in the background documenting their celebrations. It’s a genuine privilege to be part of such an intimate day.

My love of photography began when I was as a child, now years later we’re able to while away snatched nostalgic time as memories of those family gatherings, warm summery days on the beach, school days, birthdays and celebrations, precious times spent with grandparents and significant people in our lives, come flooding back.

When I became a parent I documented my son’s transformation from a newborn baby into adulthood – beginning with the day we brought him home from the hospital, that first mouthful of solids (!), the first day of infant school, secondary school, the first job….  proud and memorable moments.  I’m a Leo and perhaps a little sentimental, but I’m fascinated by the power of photography to transport one back in time.

My other passions in life are family, friends, good food (both cooking and eating!), horticulture and film.

I’d be delighted to hear from you if my natural style of photography and approach resonates with you. I’d love to be part of your day, so do say hello and tell me about all your plans for your wedding day or celebrations!