Documentary Family Photography

I’ve become increasingly interested in capturing family life. So, to mark my centenary ‘wedding’ anniversary as a professional wedding photographer, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve launched an exciting new service: documentary family photography. I’m now in my tenth year of documenting weddings, and after all, wedding photography is how I started and is at the very heart of all that I do. But, having built strong ties with couples, an important and integral part of how I work, I am delighted that they want to make me a part of their life and that I go on their life journey with them, capturing their precious moments.

Each family is unique, with their own story and characters. Having been invited into their family life, I observe their relationships and capture those everyday beautiful, comic, contemplative, delightful, enchanting, funny, playful and special moments that people outside of their family home rarely see. I capture the childrens’ personalities and the family ties to cherish forever.

I want to capture the moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, priceless time as a family. I want you to do and be you. The ordinary can be extraordinary. I’ll document the love and deliver photos which are a reflection of your family and relationships that you will be able to cherish across the generations. Photography which captures the individuality of my clients and celebrates real life. I work at a location that is special to you, or at your home – using the places where your family memories are being created.

I’ve selected a handful of images taken from my new website – Catherine Hill Family Photography.  If you’d like to discover more about my approach to documenting a slice of family life, viewing some images and feedback from families, I’d love to hear from you!

About the Author:

Passionate about photography and creating natural, honest imagery which will transport you back to a place and time in your life.

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