Engagement photography Kent – Lynne & Mick’s Shoot at Perry Woods, near Faversham

So, my first engagement photography shoot of the year and how lucky were we with the weather?!!

It was quite a while since I first met Lynne and Mick so it was great to get acquainted again.  They had chosen Perry Woods as the location for their engagement shoot.  We met in the car park and at first had thought it might be quite busy with walkers being as it was such a beautiful day – not so though as we had a leisurely stroll (including some steep slopes!!) around the woods.

I gave Lynne and Mick some gentle direction and left the rest to them.  I do ask couples to come prepared to be affectionate with each other – which I know sounds funny, but it’s so easy to get caught up in ‘the day to day’ that often that generally, we don’t make time for each other, so this is a great opportunity for couples to have some time to focus on each other.  That said, Lynne and Mick were fantastic and needed little encouragement and they soon settled in really well to the shoot!

Thank you both for being such good, relaxed, company!  Here are a few of my favourite images…….

Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-1 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-2 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-3 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-4 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-5 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-6 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-7 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-8 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-9 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-10 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-11 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-12 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-13 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-14 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-15 Lynne-&-Mick's-Perry-Wood-Engagement-Shoot-16

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