I met Clare and Jon at Tankerton slopes at the beginning of June for their engagement shoot.  It was a very sunny evening but cold and windy!  Can’t have it all I suppose!  So unused to experiencing sunshine lately, I forgot to remind Clare and Jon to bring sunglasses  so whilst we were waiting for ‘the magic hour’ and the best light, I shot in shade and backlit as it was just so bright.  However, the wait was well worth it as pre-sunset the light was just amazing!  When shooting a wedding, when it comes to a couples portrait shots, if it’s a bright sunny day, I always recommend shooting later on in the day – perhaps popping out whilst the coffee is being served.  It’s well worth hanging back on the champagne to get beautifully lit shots!

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot…

I love this shot!

A lovely evening Clare and Jon – I look forward to shooting your wedding in July!