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So, you’re engaged to be married – how exciting!  Now the planning starts…  one of the most important elements is how you are going to look back at your wedding day, be it by looking at still images and perhaps video.  I can understand that it might be a daunting prospect, so as well as creating some tips on choosing your wedding photographer, which you can find on this website, I’ve collated a list of frequently asked questions, which I hope you will find helpful.

Q Are you fully insured?

Yes, absolutely! I have up to date full professional indemnity and public liability insurance so I can photograph your wedding in Jersey, Kent, the Southeast or anywhere in the UK.

Q What happens if the camera equipment breaks or fails?

I shoot with two cameras on the day (I shoot on Canon 5D IV) and always have a back-up camera with me as well, in the unlikely event should one of my camera bodies fail. It’s worth mentioning that these bodies have dual card slots so again, in the highly unlikely event of a memory card becoming corrupt, the images would have been written to an independent card at the same time.

Q What happens if you (the photographer) are ill on the day?

I am part of a great network of photographers who I respect and love working with who have a similar style of photography and approach. It is highly unlikely that I would ever be ill enough to prevent me carrying out your wedding shoot, but we all know that nothing is 100% guaranteed in life! If this did occur, I would do my utmost to find a like-minded, professional replacement photographer for you.

Q What happens if it rains on the day of the wedding?

My style of documentary photography is a mix of photojournalism – discreetly blending in and recording the day unfold; and editorial – styling photographs of the two of you, your family, and all the little details. If it rains on the day then that’s what I’ll record. I would have already conducted a recce of your venue so I’ll have a ‘plan B’ for a protected location for your group and portrait shots. It’s very unusual to have wall to wall rain so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to find some window of opportunity to whisk you out for some shots around the grounds of your venue – even if it’s with an oversized umbrella and a pair of wellie boots (I’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather forecast before your wedding so I’ll advise if you need to bring anything extra with you!).

Q How do you deal with difficult lighting conditions and winter weddings?

I have the experience, knowledge and appropriate camera bodies and lenses to deal with difficult conditions. I use fast lenses which are able to deal with low light conditions and also speed lights which I use sympathetically to create natural images. Flash used incorrectly can be particularly unflattering! If you are getting married in the winter months, it’s well worth considering having an earlier ceremony if you’d like some outdoor group and portrait shots. This is something I can help with when it comes to scheduling the timings for your wedding day.

Q  How long will it take to see our wedding photos?

 In off-peak season I am able to do the first level edit and upload to your password protected gallery within about 2 weeks. However, during the busy wedding season (generally April – October) it can take up to 4 weeks before you’ll receive the first view. I like to take my time when I post produce your images, preferring not to rush the process so I can deliver a quality end result.

Q Will you take group shots on the day?

I do believe there is still a place for group shots and that it’s important to record those closest to you who were there with you on the day. I’d strongly advise that you keep these group shots to a minimum and include your nearest and dearest! It’s important for you both to have as much time as possible to mingle with your guests and enjoy the champagne and canapés! At the time of booking, I provide an itinerary form which includes a section for group shots so I’m able to bring copies of the group shot list on the day.

Q  Do you use flash?

I don’t use flash during a ceremony (other than in extreme circumstances at a civil ceremony). Personally I feel it is very intrusive so I will shoot using natural light. In fact, I shoot almost all of your wedding using the available ambient light. I use fast lenses so I’m able to maximise the available ambient light – I’ve also got a steady hand for those slow shutter speeds! I only really bring the flashes out on the dance floor.

Q  What happens if you haven’t photographed a wedding at our venue before?

I will conduct a recce of your venue and identify the best locations for your group and portrait shots – for both dry and wet weather options. I like to conduct my recce as close to the date of your wedding as possible. If your venue is out of my area and I have to travel a distance to get there, I will arrive at your venue a minimum of 30 minutes before I commence shooting so that I can have a good look around. Sometimes choosing a photographer who hasn’t previously been to a venue can be a good thing; they can see the venue with fresh eyes, giving you a set of unique wedding photos.

Q  Why should I get an Album?

Digital files are great, but we have no idea where they will be in 10 years’ time! I still love looking at the actual photos from my wedding and my parents’ wedding. Having a physical reminder of your wedding day for you, your children, and your grandchildren is priceless. I offer several albums in a range of finishes and sizes for you to choose from. I put together a custom design for your album as well as work hand in hand with you to make it perfect through the use of online album proofing software.

Can we order an album at a later date if we choose to have a disc only package?

Yes absolutely – and I would definitely advise that you have one! The chances are that you’ll want to come back and refresh your memory of what choice of albums I offer. I do also have some examples on my website.

Q  Will we be able to print the images you produce for us?

 If you choose to have the high-resolution images as part of your package, then you are issued with full usage rights to reproduce them as you wish, so feel free to print and share on social media. Bear in mind though that some high street photo printers might not produce the best quality in terms of the frequency and accuracy of the calibration of the printer and also the grade of photographic paper used, so let me know if you would like some lab recommendations.

Q  Can our guests get prints?                                                                                               

Your USB device, containing the high res, full-sized images, is licensed for personal use only, and at most for sharing with immediate family. Wider event guests will have an online gallery they can view with the opportunity to purchase prints directly from me, via your password protected gallery

Q  We’re not getting married for a few years but we like your work, should we wait until nearer the time?

I wouldn’t recommend it. Most of my clients book my services between 12 and 18 months in advance, and some have signed me up two years in advance. I can only ever shoot one wedding a day and once I’ve received a signed contract and booking fee I am unavailable. By booking early you also make yourself immune from any price rises, as I always honour your original quote.

Q  Can you provide references and show examples of your work?

You are able to view feedback from my clients on the following sites:

Free Index

Google Plus

I have a number of albums, both mat and digital, which show the story of a number of weddings at different venues. I also regularly update my blog where you are able to view recent and archived work.

If there are any frequently asked questions which I’ve not mentioned above, then please get in contact and I’ll be able to respond.