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Digital files are great, but we have no idea where they will be in 10 years’ time! I still love looking at the actual photos of my wedding and my parents’ wedding – it’s incredibly precious to me. Having a physical reminder of your wedding day for you, your children and your grandchildren are priceless. I offer several albums in a range of finishes and sizes for you to choose from. I put together a custom design for your album as well as work hand in hand with you to make it perfect through the use of online album proofing software. It’s really worthwhile considering how you are going to view your images in the future. I truly believe that your images take on in a different context when they are designed into an album. This will be your heirloom and the value of retelling the story in time to come, through a series of images, cannot be underestimated.

I made the decision very early on to use the finest quality albums as I think images should be presented in a beautiful stylish way in an album which will withstand the test of time.  Your images are presented in a choice of an exquisite, stylish Australian Mat album by Jorgenson or a beautiful Italian Digital Album. You’ll be able to relive your wedding through my images and see the story unfold, from the bridal preparations through to your evening celebrations.  I believe that your images take on a different context when designed into an album.  Ultimately, a viewer who wasn’t present at your wedding should get a real sense of what it would have felt like had they been there.

All albums are individually designed in-house, you choose the images you would like in the album from a set of contact sheets which I will send you, together with some guidelines for image selection and then I set about achieving a design unique to you. This is a collaborative process and your album is not sent for manufacture until the album has been signed off using proofing software as instructed.

Albums are available either as part of an album package or as a bespoke addition. Details available on request.

To view some sample albums, please contact me.

Italian digital wedding album designed by Catherine Hill Photography Italian digital wedding album designed by Catherine Hill Photography Mat wedding album designed by Catherine Hill Photography Mat wedding album designed by Catherine Hill Photography