Harry and Amanda’s La Mare Wine Estate Wedding in Jersey

After spending some time with Harry and Amanda in April, when I met up with them in Rozel for their engagement shoot, I’d been looking forward to shooting their wedding at La Mare Wine Estate in Jersey in September – and what a gorgeous day we had after earlier in the week miserable weather had been forecast.  Harry and Amanda are such a wonderful fun, chilled couple and fantastic to work with!

My day started with meeting Harry and his Best Men at The Royal Yacht in St Helier in the morning – if logistics allow, it’s a great opportunity to document the groom and his groomsmen at the start of the day.  Harry’s suit was hand made and tailored for him – I loved all the detailing – very special and just perfect that it’s an item of clothing he’ll always have.

I then made my way to meet Amanda where she began her bridal preparation with her sister, mother and friend at the very elegant Longueville Manor on the outskirts of St Helier in Jersey.  I was joined by my friend and talented cinematographer, Anna of Somma Productions – it’s always great working together and I adore her work!    Everyone was pretty relaxed as the beautifying progressed!  Amanda looked a dream in her bridal gown with her beautiful tousled locks!

Time to leave for The Wine Estate which consists of historic buildings and beautiful gardens; extensive vineyards and orchards, not to mention of course the winery and distillery.  It was a fabulous venue for Harry and Amanda’s 007 themed stylish wedding. They had styled the wedding breakfast tables and room magically – plenty of sparkle and classy glitz!

After an intimate ceremony and champagne reception, the speeches took place.  We were lucky enough to have some beautiful sunset light for Harry and Amanda’s portrait shots, and then it was time for the first dance, a surprise showering of confetti and then some serious dancing!  I love a packed dance floor!

Here are few of my favourite images from the day….

best man helps groom to get ready for his wedding at The Royal Yacht JerseyGrooms suit for his wedding day at The Royal Yacht Wedding Venue groom gets ready for his wedding at The Royal Yacht Hotel Jersey Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-7 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-8 Bride has hair styled at Longueville Manor Jersey for her wedding day Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-13La Mare Vine Yard Jersey Wedding Photographer Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-18 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-24 Brides dress at Longueville ManorHarry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-25 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-27La Mare Vine Yard Jersey Wedding Photos Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-28 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-29 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-30 bride arrives at La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-32 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-33 La-Mare-wine-estate-Wedding-Photographer-1 La-Mare-wine-estate-Wedding-Photographer-2Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-36 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-37 Harry-&-Amanda get married at La Mare Wine Estate Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-40 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-41 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-42 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-43 La Mare Wine Estate Wedding photos at Harry and Amanda's reception Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-45 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-46 harry and amanda's reception at La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-53 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-54 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-55Wedding breakfast decorations at La Mare Wine Estate JerseyLa-Mare-wine-estate-Wedding-Photographer-4 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-56 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-57 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-59 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-61La-Mare-Wine-Estate-Wedding-Photo-of-the-speeches-1 father of the bride gives his speech at Harry and Amanda's La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-63 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-64 La Mare Wine Estate Wedding photos Best man gives his speech at La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-67 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-68 bride holds her beautiful bouquet at her La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-75 newlyweds have their portrait shoot at their La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-78 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-79La-Mare-wine-estate-Wedding-Photography-1 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-81 Harry-&-Amanda have their portrait shoot at their La Mare Wine Estate Wedding couple have their first dance at their La Mare Wine Estate WeddingLa Mare Wine Estate Wedding couples first dance Groom dances with his mother at La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-86Bride dances with guests at La Mare Wine Estate Weddingguests dancing at La Mare Wine Estate Wedding Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-88 Harry-&-Amanda's-La-Mare-Vineyard-Wedding-91 Sparklers at Harry-&-Amanda's-La Mare Wine Estate Wedding-Many congratulations Harry and Amanda! xx

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