Howletts Zoo Kent – Isabella’s outing to the Zoo

I met up with my friend and her daughter Isabella last weekend at Howletts Zoo  at Bekesbourne near Canterbury in Kent.  I hadn’t seen Isabella for a while so she was a little timid at first – but it didn’t last long!  She really is a very sweet little girl and it was fascinating to watch her reaction to the animals.  Having a 22 year old son, who is about to fly the nest to live in Jersey (!), you forget how little they once were and the hunger they have to take in new experiences.  These are special times as they grow up so quickly.

Even though Isabella is only 16 months old, there was lots for her to see and do and there were plenty of animals on view.

These are just a few of my favourite images from the day….

‘that’s funny – where’s my drink gone?!”

See you soon Isabella! x

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