A frosty start to the day and shoots of new growth!

Wow!  What a start to the day this morning.  The sun was low in the sky and rising and so strong it was streaming over the gardens.  Jack Frost had sprinkled his magic and i was inspired to don my wellies and go out into the garden to shoot!  I used my 100mm macro lens (and a steady hand – no time to set up the tri-pod as I didn’t want the sun to melt the frost!) to shoot the following images…

these rose leaves could have been dipped in castor sugar!

some good friends bought me this hydrangea as a house warming present last autumn.  It’s  one of my favourite plants, even when the flowers have died back, it’s still an interesting plant……so I was really excited to see some shoots of new growth – must pot it on in Spring!a new bud on a tree peony…I love these dead heads on this dill – there’s lots of new growth at the base and I can’t wait to enjoy this later on this year!

New shoots on the roses – so pleased seeing as the were cut back so hard last year (not by me!)My Dad will be really pleased that the raspberry canes he transported from his garden are shooting – if I’m lucky I may even get a crop this year!Rhubarb!

really exciting to see the tulips i planted late autumn are shooting!

the first emerging allium!This is such an exciting time of the year for gardens – especially as I’m getting to know mine – hopefully I’ll have lots of really nice surprises in store…

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