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Documentary Family Photography

There is something magical about the innocence and joy of childhood; from the gaze of a parent into their newborn baby’s eyes, that special interaction between siblings, and the expression of wonder or sheer joy on a toddler’s face. This is what we will capture together, family photographs that will last for generations – treasured by you, your children and perhaps even their children too.

You’ll chose locations and activities you love – home baking, hide and seek, building a sand castle, paddling your feet (maybe even for the first time), rustling through leaves, flying a kite, a walk to the park and a picnic – just enjoying being together as a family which celebrates real life. I’ll be there to observe and document your time together, creating honest images with character.

I want to capture the moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, priceless time as a family. I want you to do and be you. The ordinary can be extraordinary. I’ll document the love and deliver photos which are a reflection of your family and relationships.

I’ve become increasingly interested in family connections and capturing family life and after entering my tenth year of documenting weddings, I’ve taken the decision to launch a website dedicated to documentary family photography.  To discover more, please visit Catherine Hill Family Photography