Sarah & Paul’s Kent Village Wedding

It’s an old custom for beekeepers to tell their bees about important events in their life, such as births, marriages and deaths. Some beekeepers would even leave a slice of wedding cake outside their beehives and even invite the bees to their wedding! I’m not sure any of Sarah and Paul’s bees popped over to [...]

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Winters Barns Wedding Photography – Polly and Simon’s Wedding

The lovely Polly and Simon were married at Winters Barns in Canterbury on a sunny, warm day in September. Winters Barns are perfectly set on the outskirts of Canterbury, super easy to locate and are surrounded by beautiful Kent countryside, not to mention the onsite orchard, it posesses lots of great photographic opportunities.  Our first [...]

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Boughton Under Blean Church Wedding Ceremony – Chris and Petra’s Wedding & Tipi Reception at Mount Ephraim Gardens

I was delighted to document Petra and Chris's wedding at the beautifully set Boughton Under Blean Church, St Peter and St Paul, which dates back to the 13th Century.  Their reception celebrations were held at the stunning Mount Ephraim Gardens, one of my favourite venues locally.  Being a keen gardener, I'm particularly drawn to the [...]

St Edmund’s Chapel & Mount Ephraim Gardens Wedding Photos – Tom and Bex’s marriage and celebrations

After meeting with Bex and Tom last September for their engagement shoot and not seeing them since they relocated to Bermuda with Tom's job, I was really looking forward to meeting up again when I met them for their ceremony rehearsal at the Chapel at St Edmund's School in Canterbury.  What a beautiful building which [...]

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