Collette & Alex

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From the moment we started planning the wedding, we knew that the photography was a priority and so having a top photographer was a must. After doing lots of research and speaking to several people, we met with Catherine. It didn’t take us long to realise that Catherine was the one for us!

Catherine is very friendly and also extremely professional, a good mixture of qualities to have in the lead up and on the day. We have an engagement shoot with Catherine which helped us get to know her and how she works and also helped her to get to know us. It was a lot of fun and Catherine helped to make us at ease in front of the camera.
I think that my first words when I saw the photographs were ‘wow, wow, wow’! Catherine had worked subtly and efficiently on the day to make sure that she captured the real essence of our wedding. Not only did she do a great job capturing the ‘official’ shots and the main moments, but she also worked seamlessly to capture all the smaller but really important moments that really bring the wedding alive. We can look through the speech photographs for example and know exactly what was happening and it is so nice to be able to relive it all.
We were very impressed with Catherine local knowledge and her knowledge of natural lighting and sunset times which was clearly demonstrated in the amazing photographs she captured of us on Whitstable beach at sunset.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Catherine as I have already done to friends who are getting married. For us, the photography was very important and we made sure that we allowed for this in our budget and we can say it was definitely worth it.

East Quay Wedding Photos in Kent
Collette & Alex
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