Clare & Jon

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It was Catherine’s reportage style of work that first attracted us as we did not want posed images, more capturing the natural moments in time throughout the day; and we are so happy with outcome. Her calm approach and personable nature meant that we had a relaxed day. Previously we had arranged with Catherine any specific photos we wanted and she was able to engage with, and organise, our party to capture so many amazing photos. When researching different photographers, we stumbled across two images, both in the exact same location (wedding venue) but by two different photographers, one of which was Catherine. Though the two photos were essentially the same but with different people, Catherine’s image came alive; and was worlds apart from the other. It is not possible for me to describe the difference, other than Catherine’s was a work of art; the balance of light, the framing, the emotion – it was everything you would want in a wedding photo and she has created a stunning collection of images.

Clare & Jon
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