Amy & Matt’s Wedding at The Orangery Maidstone


Ah the gorgeous Matt and Amy – what a lovely fun couple!  I’d really been looking forward to shooting their wedding at The Orangery Maidstone, in Kent after our first meeting and subsequent time together at their engagement shoot where Matt in particular revealed his playful nature! This was my first time shooting at The Orangery and I was so impressed with the organization and friendliness of the team – thank you for making me and Lucy feel so welcome.  It’s a wonderful venue and the grounds, which include a waterfall and established trees and shrubs, are beautiful.

Matt and Amy’s wedding was very much a family affair and their nieces and nephew clearly play an important part in their lives as do their friends – Amy had eleven bridesmaids and Matt two best men and seven ushers who made a brilliant contribution to their day, including their enthusiastic singing to the track for their marryoke video.

Amy looked absolutely stunning when she arrived driven in a horse and carriage – an elegant, natural beauty. It was no surprise that Matt was overcome with emotion when he first saw Amy who was escorted by her very proud father.  After their moving ceremony, Matt and Amy wanted to spend a bit of time with the horses who were patiently waiting in the shade whilst their guests sipped on champagne.  Before entering the stylishly decorated room for the wedding breakfast, we spent some time back on the island for the group shots where we had some even shade.

Loved the speeches, Matt’s in particular was hilarious – hugely entertaining!  After the speeches, we stole some time to walk around the gardens for Matt and Amy’s portrait shots. We were so lucky with the light that evening and enjoyed the wonderful warm golden glow in the last hour before sunset

On one of the hottest days in July,  it was such a pleasure to be part of their fun packed celebrations which were full of love and emotion.

Here are few of my favourite images from the day….

Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-6Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-1Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-3 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-4The-Orangery-Maidstone-Kent-Wedding-Venue Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-12 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-13 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-14 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-16 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-17 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-18 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-19 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-20 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-21 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-23 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-24 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-25 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-26 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-27 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-28 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-29 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-31 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-32 Beautiful bride at The Orangery in Maidstone KentThe Orangery Maidstone Wedding Photos Wedding photo of couple at The Orangery Maidstone Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-36 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-37 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-38 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-39 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-41 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-42 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-48 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-49 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-50 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-51 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-52 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-53 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-54 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-55 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-56 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-57 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-58 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-59 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-60 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-62 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-63 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-64 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-65 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-67 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-68 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-69 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-70 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-71 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-72 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-73 Amy-&-Matt's-Orangery-Wedding-74 Congratulations Matt and Amy – you were a dream to work with and it was such a fun day! x

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