David and Rukmanie’s Sikh Wedding – Day 2 – Jago Ceremony!

Following on from Rukmanie and David’s Mehndi Ceremony,  Rukmanie’s family hosted a Jago the night before their wedding. Jago translates as “wake up” and would traditionally have involved the families of the bride and groom travelling around their villages late at night with divas (oil lamps), singing jago songs to wake the villagers to let them know that a wedding was to take place and to invite them to join in the festivities.

The vibrant, elaborate Jago Ceremony was a fast paced and energetic event and further heightened the excitement of the wedding festivities. The Jago Ceremony is a chance for friends and family to rejoice and dance together in celebration. Pots (gaggars) are decorated with candles and carried on the head whilst dancing and singing Jago songs.  The pots are then passed around the rest of the family and friends where they take their turn in the Jago alongside everyone else.

Being that this the first time I’d photographed an event like this, and based on the fascinating and entertaining Mendi Celebrations the night before, I’d been excitedly anticipating what was going to unfold!  After the guests had eaten the amazing traditional feast (the food was incredible!) is was time for the ceremony to begin!  Wow!!  What a wake up!  The music, the jingling of the tambourines, the beating of the drums, the chiming of the bells, the singing, the stunning Saris and traditional costumes and energetic dancing!  Some boldness was required to get to where the action was happening and it felt like a whirlwind of activity – quite something else!  Joined by my friend and colleague, Anna of Somma Productions in Jersey, it certainly was a jaw dropping, memorable experience!

Here are a few of my favourite images from the evening…

Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-2 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony the celebration starts warming up Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-4Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony- in Kent Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-6Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebration-photography-7 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-8 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony-female guest has a pot with candles on her head Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony- the groom passes the pot with candles Groom to be dances at their-Jago-Ceremony Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-12 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony in Kent Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-14 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony-15 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-16 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-17Bride dances to the Indian music at her Jago ceremony Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-18 music playing at Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony in Kent Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony-photos Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-21 energetic dancing at Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-24 colourful dancing at Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Celebrations-26 Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony photos Rukmanie-and-David's-Jago-Ceremony-photographyWhat an incredible, joyful evening!

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