Great Higham Barn Photography – Kelli & Mark’s Wedding in Kent

The very lovely Kelli and Mark held their humanist ceremony at the beautifully located Great Higham Barn in Doddington, Kent, in August.  I’d been looking forward to shooting their wedding for ages since Kelli first got in contact with me last August to book me and especially after I spent a bit of time getting to know them at their engagement shoot.  We had such a great time and they are such a chilled out couple and once Kelli got over a fit of the giggles, we created some gorgeous images.

Kelli and Mark are from South Africa, so family members made the journey to celebrate their marriage. Kelli had arranged for Mark’s nephews to carry a message before Kelli, accompanied by her father, made her way down the aisle – oh my gosh not a dry eye and what an emotional ceremony.  Carefully selected, heartfelt, emotive words formed the basis of their ceremony – it was very special and I felt privileged to document their day.

As well as a great photographer, Kelli has a talent for design and she created the theme and layout for their open marquee and wedding breakfast tables – such an eye for detail.  I particularly liked the cabbage centre pieces!  Friends and family contributed to the day coming together – a real team effort!

Before the speeches began, I whisked Kelli and Mark around the grounds for some portrait shots, including a wheat field which although had been recently harvested (Kelli and I had hoped they hold back until after the wedding!) – what stunning scenery!  I was also able to take them out just before sunset – how lucky were we?!

Fast forward to the first dance where the fab musician Will Udall kicked off the party – and what a party!

What an amazing day – lovely expressive family and friends, brilliant speeches, glorious sunshine and an wonderful couple who clearly adore each other.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day….

Great Higham Barn Wedding Photography Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-5 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-6 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-8 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-9 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-10 Great-Higham-Barn-Wedding-PhotographyGreat Higham Barn Wedding PhotosKelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-13 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-14Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-15 bridesmaid arrives down the aisle for Great Higham Barn Wedding Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-16Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-17 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-19 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-20 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-21 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-22 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-23 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-24 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-25 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-26 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-27 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-28 Kelli-&-Mark exchange their vows at-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent Photos of Humanist ceremony at Great Higham Barn Doddington KentGreat-Higham-Barn-Wedding-Photography Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-32 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-33 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-34 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-35 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-36 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-37 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-39 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-41Great Higham Barn Wedding Breakfastbride and groom enter the marquee for their wedding breakfastKelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-43 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-44 photo of guests reacting with laughter to speeches at Great-Higham-Barn-Wedding- Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-45 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-48 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-49 beautiful bride reacts to best man's speech at Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding- Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-51 wedding speeches -Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-53 bride reacts to husbands speec at their Great Higham Barn Wedding Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-55 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-57 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-58 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-59 newly wed's sunset portrait photography at Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding wedding cake at -Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-63 Kelli-&-Mark's- first dance at Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-65 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-67 wedding party and dancing at Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding music by Will Udall Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-70 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-71 Kelli-&-Mark's-Great-Higham-Barn-Kent-Wedding-72Marquee at Great Higham Barn Wedding in KentWow what a wonderfully fun, emotional day – so pleased to share and document your special day! Many congratulations Kelli and Mark x


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