Hannah & Nathan’s Marleybrook House Wedding Photos

romantic newlywed photos at Marleybrook House Kent Wedding Venue

I’d been looking forward to shooting Hannah and Nathan’s wedding at Marleybrook House  in June since they booked me to shoot their wedding last year.  The 17th Century thatched house is nestled amongst beautiful Kent Countryside, in the village of Preston near Canterbury. The grounds are beautiful and offer lots of variety for guests to wonder and for great photographic opportunities, plus the perfect viewing location for a sunset (which were lucky enough to experience!).  Marleybrook House is the family home of Janie and Kris who give an exceptional service and have created a unique Kent Wedding Venue.  A number of guests commented on how Marleybrook House had a very intimate, family feel about it – I couldn’t have agreed more. I had really good vibes about this wonderful venue!

My day started with meeting Hannah, her mother, sister and bridesmaids is the fabulous bridal preparation suite which is amply sized to accommodate a number of people – the en-suite bathroom is very stylish too! The preparations were in full swing with the final hair styling taking place and finishing touches to the make-up (by far the best time to photograph a bride!).  In the main,  I just love capturing the excitement and friendship as the time for the ceremony gets closer and closer.  Hannah was a stunning bride – I loved her stylish lace bridal gown.

Nathan arrived in his beloved vintage sports car with his best friend – his best man.  The deep red paint work dazzled in the bright sunshine – I understood why Nathan looked so pleased to be driving it.   After parking up, he welcomed family and friends, as well as giving their chocolate Labrador, Rupert, some attention, who was suitably attired with a cream bow tie!

What a glorious day – wall to wall sunshine and warmth, a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony, fun galore with a vintage fun fair and entertaining speeches – oh and lots of yummy food created by the talented caterers Scott Anderson . Hannah’s mother, Heather (of Eden Flowers) created the flower displays and wedding favours which were cleverly made sailing boats made of lace and drift wood – how lovely to have such a personal touch and input.  The wedding cake was especially elegant and was made by Croft and Green – I loved the delicate gold leaf.

After some more portrait photographs in the orchard, post wedding breakfast to take advantage of the gorgeous soft golden light – and sunset – we all headed back to the prettily adorned marquee for the first dance by their brilliant band, The Jets who played a variety of music which had the dance floor packed!  Hannah and Nathan also had their day recorded by the lovely guys from Ignite Films.

Here are a few selected images from their day…..

bridal preparation at Marleybrook House in KentHannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-1 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-2 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-4 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-5 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-6 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-7 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-8 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-10 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-11 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-12 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-14 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-19 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-20 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-21 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-22 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-24 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-26 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-28 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-29 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-30 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-31 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-32 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-33 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-36 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-37 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-38 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-40 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-42 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-43 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-44 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-45Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-47reception drinks and canapes at Marleybrook House KentMarleybrook-House-Fun-Fair Fun-Fair-at-Marleybrook-House-Kent-Wedding-Venue guests play crazy golf at Kent Wedding Venue Marleybrook House Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-50 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-53 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-54 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-55 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-56 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-58 Bridal-flowers-at-Marleybrook-Housewedding-cake-by-croft-and-Green-at-Marleybrook-House-0062Father gives his speech at Marleybrook House Wedding Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-60Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-64 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-65 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-66 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-67 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-68 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-70 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-71 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-72 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-73 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-75 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-76 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-77 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-80 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-82 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-83 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-84 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-85 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-86 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-87 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-88 Hannah-&--Nathan's-Marleybrook-House-Wedding-89 Many congratulations Hannah and Nathan – thank you for so warmly welcoming me to document and share your day x

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