Kylie and Dave’s Mount Ephraim Wedding Photos

I was so delighted to document Kylie and Dave’s wonderful wedding at Mount Ephraim Gardens in April.  I’m very fond of this venue and being a keen gardener, I’m particularly drawn to the Edwardian terraced gardens and impressive topiary, and the Miz Maze is fascinating.   I love the elegant dining rooms too which are flooded with light as is the hall way where the wedding ceremonies are conducted.  Sally who co-ordinates the weddings is super friendly, helpful and accommodating also.

It was a an intimate occasion where they were joined by their adorable children, Finlay and Kian and family and close friends.  Their wedding was made extra special as Dave’s family from Australia had made the trip over to be part of their celebrations which I know they were particularly touched by.

The morning started off by Kylie being joined by her Mother, sister, niece, Finlay and Kian for the final preparations for their wedding.  I could sense the hive of activity in the hall below as guests arrived and were greeted.  Such an exciting time!  The boys were ring bearers and what a brilliant job they did – it was very touching that their children were so involved – there was a wonderful warmth in that room.  It was such a privilege to document their intimate, personal day.

What a day – a beautiful bride, a dashing groom, two gorgeous page boys, a delightful flower girl,  a warm and welcoming wedding party, a stunning location and blessed with wonderful weather.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day…..

Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-1 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-2 Bridal prep at-Mount-Ephraim Gardens-Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-4 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-5 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-7 Brides sister helps with putting on the brides dress at Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-8 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-11 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-12 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-13 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-14 Brides father sees daughter for the first time at -Mount-Ephraim-Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-16 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-17 Kylie and Dave's Mount Ephraim Wedding Photos Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-19 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-20 page boys and flower girl make their way down the stairs at Mount-Ephraim-Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-22 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-23 Mount-Ephraim-Wedding photos Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-25 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-26 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-28 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-29 Kylie and Dave's Mount Ephraim Wedding Photos Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-31 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-32 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-33 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-34 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-35 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-36 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-37 Kylie and Dave's Mount Ephraim Wedding Photos bride and groom exit isle at Mount-Ephraim-Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-40 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-41 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-42 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-43 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-44 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-46 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-47 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-48 confetti at Mount-Ephraim-Gardens Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-50 family group shot at Mount-Ephraim Gardens Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-52 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-53 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-54 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-55 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-56 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-58 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-59 Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-photos Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-62 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-63 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-64 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-65 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-66 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-67 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-68 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-69 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-70 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-71 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-72 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-73 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-74 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-75 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-76 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-77 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-78 romantic sunset portrait shoot at Mount-Ephraim-Wedding Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-80 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-81 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-83 Dave-&-Kylie's-Mount-Ephraim-Wedding-84sunset at Mount-Ephraim- Gardens Wedding

Congratulations Kylie and Dave! x

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