Laura and Henry’s Bodium Castle Wedding

The lovely Henry and Laura were married at St Nicholas Church in Sandhurst in June, followed by a fabulous reception and celebrations at the picturesque 14th Century Bodium Castle.  The Castle is a National Trust property and they only host a select number of weddings each year, so I was thrilled when Henry and Laura asked me to document their day. Set in the heart of an historic landscape, with spiral staircases, battlements and a portcullis, Bodiam Castle is one of Britain’s most picturesque and romantic ancient monuments and offers fabulous opportunities for photography.

My friend and photographer Lucy was assisting me on the day and it was great to have her company and help as logistically there were a lot of areas to cover!  Our day started off by meeting up with Laura and her bridesmaids at her family home which is very close to St Nicholas Church.  I love this part of the day where you witness the gradual transformation of the bride and bridal party – love that buzz and capturing those feelings of excitement and anticipation!  Laura’s hair looked so pretty delicate daisies placed in her sophisticated up do – which actually looked like a work of art whilst her stylist was creating.

It was then on to the church to meet with Henry and groomsmen and capture the guests arriving.  After a beautiful service with lots of heartfelt singing to some old school hymns, Laura and Henry swiftly made their exit, after a some confetti showering, to take a boat trip along the River Rother to meet their guests at Bodium Castle who were waiting along the river bank for their arrival – champagne in hand!

Bodium Castle is such a fabulous location – it almost felt slightly surreal being in the castle, which by the way is without a roof (all will become clear when you get the speeches element for the day), being surrounded by all that history.  We were so lucky with the weather after heavy rain had been forecast for the day but when the heavens opened, we were all ready for the downpour!

It was such a fantastic day, such a lovely wedding party, a pretty unique venue, entertaining speeches and such a great couple to work with.  We so enjoyed being part of your special day.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.

Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-2 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-3 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-4 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-5 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-6 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-7 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-8 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-10 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-9Sandhurst Church photo in kent Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-11 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-12 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-14 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-15 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-16 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-17 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-18 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-20 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-21 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-22 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-25 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-26 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-27 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-28 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-29 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-30 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-31 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-32 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-33 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-34 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-35 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-36 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-37 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-38 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-39 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-40 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-41 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-42 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-43 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-44 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-45 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-46 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-47 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-48 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-49 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-50 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-51 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-52 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-53 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-54 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-55 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-56 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-57 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-59 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-60 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-61 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-62 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-63 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-64 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-65 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-66 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-67 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-68 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-71 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-72 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-73 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-74 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-75 Laura-&-Henry's-Bodium-Castle-Wedding-76Wow – what a wedding!  Congraulations Laura and Henry! x



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