Rowan & Adam’s Blue Pigeons Wedding in Worth, Kent

What a delight it was to document Rowan and Adam’s elegant, creative wedding at The Blue Pigeons boutique hotel in Worth, Kent.  The weather forecast had been looking somewhat precarious as it kept changing for what seemed like hour by hour for their wedding day in mid August!  Thankfully those rain clouds behaved and we had beautiful weather in the end.  This was my first time shooting a wedding at The Blue Pigeons – and what a gem!  Nestled in the village of Worth, in Kent, its a pretty unique venue and provides the opportunity for one to create a theme for your celebration in the bare bricked room used for such occasions.  Emma and her team were super helpful too!

Whilst Rowan and her bridesmaids were preparing for the day, Adam greeted guests as they arrived to celebrate their marriage.  The wedding breakfast room was looking beautiful – in particular I loved the eclectic mix of flowers Rowan’s bridesmaids had collected and arranged (from three separate sources i belive) – so different!  There were so many little touches which were personal to Rowan and Adam which really added to their intimate day – plenty of stylish sparkle.  The favours included macaroons of various flavours and pretty, delicate temporary tattoos.  Children of family friends and their niece played a part – the ‘best boys’ handed out the order of the day and their flower girl did a brilliant job of scattering rose petals for Rowans entrance with her father.

After their emotional ceremony it was time for the garden reception and then the speeches – which were absolutely hilarious, in particular the best man’s speech.  Adam gave a heartfelt speech which was a real tear jerker – beautifully communicated.

Adam’s parents live in Worth so it had been arranged that after the speeches and before the first dance, they would head over to their home for another garden party.  There were plenty of games, including table tennis, boules and croutes – what an inspired way to entertain the wedding party!  Chilled prosecco was a plenty and there were some delicious fruit purees for blinis.  There was a such a great vibe in the pretty garden adorned with balloons and bunting – everyone involved must have been thrilled with the outcome!

Rowan and Adam had arranged for their guests to have sparklers as a farewell to this part of their celebrations – but before the sparklers were lit, I whisked them off for some portrait shots around the village.  I had visited the Worth about 5 days before their Blue Pigeons Wedding so I was able to scout out the best places for some shots and we were really rather spoilt for choice!

Thank you Rowan and Adam, and your family, for making me feel so welcome and for being part of your day – a day to remember!

Here are small selection of some of my favourite images of the day….

Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-1 The Blue Pigeon's Boutique Hotel WorthBridal prep at The Blue-Pigeons-Worth in Kent Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-3 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-4 The-Blue-Pigeons-Worth Wedding-venue Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-6 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-7 Bride gets ready for her wedding at The Blue-Pigeons-Worth Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-9 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-10 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-11 Bride arrives with father for marriage at Blue-Pigeons-Worth Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-13 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-14 couple take their marriage vowes at Blue-Pigeons-Wedding-15 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-16 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeons-Wedding-17 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-18 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-19 The Blue Pigeons Wedding in Worth - couple get showered with confetti confetti shot at Blue-Pigeons-Wedding-21 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-22 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-23 Rowan-&-Adam's drinks reception at The -Blue-Pigeons-Wedding Venue Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-25 The Blue Pigeon's Boutique Hotel photographer 1Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-26 Groom reacts to Father of the Brides speach at -Blue-Pigeons-Wedding-27 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-28 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-29 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-30 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-31 Groom makes his speach at Blue-Pigeons-Wedding Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-33 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-34 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-35 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-36 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-37 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-38 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-39 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-40 Newlyweds Rowan-&-Adam' arrrive at their afternoon reception venue in Worth, Kent The Blue Pigeon's Boutique Hotel photographer 2 The Blue Pigeon's Boutique Hotel photographer 3Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-42 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-43 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-44 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-45 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-46 games are played at Rowan-&-Adam's Wedding reception in Worth Kent Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-48 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-49 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-50 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-51 The Blue Pigeon's Boutique Hotel photographer Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-53 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-54 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-55 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-56 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-57 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-58 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-59 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-60 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-61 Rowan-&-Adam's-Blue-Pigeon's-Wedding-62 image of sparklers at Kent Wedding of Rowan and Adam Sparkler shot at Rowan and Adam's Wedding Rowan-&-Adam's first dance at Blue-Pigeons-Wedding-65Many congraulations you two! x

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