Sarah & Dan’s Chilham Church Wedding Photos

What a delightful couple Sarah and Dan are – I was delighted when they asked me to shoot their wedding at Chilham Church Wedding in January this year some 12 months earlier – and did those months fly!

We had discussed the forthcoming foreboding weather forecast at our pre-wed discussion a couple of days before their wedding so we were well and truly armed for what was going to be thrown at us – in the main, driving rain!  Being such a pragmatic couple, the poor weather didn’t phase them at all.  They were marrying one another and that’s all that mattered.

My day began by meeting Dan and his groomsmen at St Mary’s Church after a swift tipple and corsage application at The White Horse.  I always think it’s good to get some coverage of the groom and co if it’s logistically possible.  On this occasion, Sarah opted for their coverage to begin with Dan.

Sarah arrived looking beautifully radiant in her fabulous red shoes and coordinating pretty red nails and bouquet – the bridesmaids also sported the same theme, who all looked very elegant!

It was a very emotional ceremony, beautiful hymns and very personal readings.  After the signing of the register it was time for the group shots, some of which we were able to arrange outside the church within the shelter of striking church entrance – the exquisite stain glass windows at the back of the church also made for a lovely backdrop.  The statuesque entrance was also brilliant for some portrait shots of Dan and Sarah too – one would never guess it was blowing a gale and pelting with rain – thank goodness for waterproofs!

Back at their reception venue, Chiham Village Hall, there was time for some confetti throwing – I’m not a big fan of stationary confetti throwing and far prefer the dynamics of a human ‘tunnel’, but sometimes needs must and I’d far rather go this route than have nothing at all – and I still love the shot of Sarah and Dan.   Whilst the guests were being seated for the wedding breakfast, we decided to go for it for some final portrait shots, so armed with a brollie and wellies, we headed outside.  Sarah and Dan were such brilliant sports – good for them!

It was such a great day and a privilege to document Sarah and Dan’s special day.  Here is a small selection of some the images from the day….

groom-gets-ready-for-his-chilham-church-wedding Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-2 Dan and his groomsmen make their way to his Chilham Church Wedding Usher helps a guest with their corsage at Sarah & Dan's Chilham-Church-Wedding Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-6 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos-bride-arrives-at-the-church Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-10 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-11 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos-newlywed-couple-exit-the-church Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-18 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-photos Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-village-hall-Wedding-reception-cofetti-throwing Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-21 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-and Chiham Village Hall reception newleyweds-Sarah-&-Dan-wear-wellies-for-their-Chilham-Village-Hall-Wedding-reception Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-25 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chiham Village Hall reception - groom gives his speechGroom gives his speech at Chiham Village Hall Wedding reception Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-28 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chiham -Village -Hall- reception-guests- react- to- groom's- speech Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-30 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-31 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-32 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-33 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-34 Sarah-&-Dan's-Chilham-Church-Wedding-35 Chiham-Village-Hall-reception-newlyweds-first-dance

Congratulations Sarah & Dan! x

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