The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography – Cat and Sean’s marriage

I was delighted to photograph Cat and Sean’s very stylish wedding at The Old Kent Barn in April where they were joined by family and friends to witness and celebrate this special occasion, some of whom travelled from South Africa and parts of New Zealand – making it extra special!

On a bright and dry spring day, if not  a bit on the chilly side, this was my first wedding of the season at a regular favourite – The Old Kent Barn, where the attention to detail is second to none, the gardens and barns are immaculate and nothing is too much trouble.  The gardens morph with every month where the planting scheme has been cleverly planned to always have colour and coverage (this is the gardener in me showing itself!).

Being that it was a tad chilly and breezy to hold the ceremony outside, it was held inside the wonderfully airy barn where guests could comfortably sit whilst the sunlight streamed through the windows. Post ceremony, Cat, Sean and I managed to steal a bit of time for some portrait shots whilst the guests were being seated for the wedding breakfast.  Although it was very bright, partly back lit and partly part of the composition, I placed Cat and Sean amongst the pretty gardens where we were able to get some richly saturated images due the quality of the light.

The flowers were supplied and designed by Katherine from Florist in the Florist (ingenious name!) and were exquisite – they included my absolute favourite – peonies and anemones ! Cat’s elegant bridal gown was created by Jennie Packham and her bridesmaid’s dresses complemented this beautifully with the soft draping fabric and delicate shade.

What a fun day – hugely entertaining speeches, selfie sticks and props and to end the celebrations a fantastic band which had the dance floor packed with energetic dancers!

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day…

Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-1 Excited bride prepares for her wedding at-Old-Kent-Barn Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-3 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-4Wedding-dress-details-at-The-Old-Kent-BarnThe Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography - bride prepares for marriage Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-6 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-7 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-8 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-9 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-10 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-11 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-12 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-13 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-14 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-15 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-16 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-18 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-19 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-20 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-21 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-22 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-23 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-24 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-25 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-26 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-27 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-28 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-29 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-30 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-31 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-32 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-33 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-34The-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Venue---breakfast-table-design-ideas Wedding-Breakfast-Table-design-ideas-at-The-Old-Kent-Barn Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-36Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-35 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-37 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-38 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-39 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-40 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-41 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-42 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-43 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-44 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-45 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-46 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-47 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-48 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-49 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-50 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-51 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-52 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-53 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-54 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-55 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-56 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-57 Cat-&-Sean's-Old-Kent-Barn-Wedding-Photos-58Many congratulations Cat and Sean!

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