The Orangery Maidstone Wedding Photos – Paula and Paul’s beautiful day

Hey, hey Paula!  I wanna to marry you….    and that’s exactly what Paul did on a spring day on the Easter weekend at the Orangery Maidstone.

I fist met Paula and Paul when we got together for their engagement shoot last year after they’d booked me to be their Kent Wedding Photographer.  Despite being held up in horrid traffic on the motorway and being met with rather dull weather on the coast, they were delightful company and it was great opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.  They were so relaxed and after getting over some initial nerves of being photographed, they were wonderful together.

Fast forward to their wedding day!  After spending some time with Paula and her bridesmaids at a nearby hotel, I made my way to meet Paul, his groomsmen and guests as they gathered at the Orangery.  I was greeted by Paul’s great smile – he looked dashing in his blue suit, as did his co-ordinating Best Man and Ushers – who by the way did a fantastic job in helping me round up folk for the group shots.

Paula looked a dream as she made her entrance with her father and bridesmaids, small wonder that Paul was overcome with emotion – in fact there few dry eyes.  It’s these moments which make me feel particularly privileged to be involved in a couple’s special day and entrusted to faithfully record their marriage and celebrations.

The weather forecast had been looking a bit iffy and sure enough, as their ceremony was drawing to a close, the rain showers commenced!  Luckily there were some brief opportunities to take some shots around the beautiful gardens (even so in chilly March) but Paula and Paul were also armed with an umbrella which as well as shielding them from the showers, helped to tell the story of their day. We also took the opportunity to go for a second lot of portrait shots – anywhere where I could find shelter!

Scott Anderson created the wedding breakfast – the food is exquisite, both in terms of taste and appearance – and the service swift which run like clockwork!

After the speeches, everyone was ushered outside for some confetti throwing, aided again with some umbrella coverage!  It was then time for the cutting of the cake and then Paula and Paul’s first dance, which incidentally was to Hey Paula, by Paul and Paula!  Following on, DJ, Richard from Discologic did a great job a keeping those dancing feet on the dance floor!

I’m so pleased to share Paula and Paul’s Orangery Maidstone Wedding Photos – here are a few favourites from the day…

Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-2Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-1 Bride has make up applied for her Orangery Maidstone Wedding Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-5 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-6 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-8 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-9 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-11 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-12 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-13guests gather at the Orangery Maidstone for Paul and Paula's wedding Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-15 Bride and bridesmaids arrive at The Orangery Maidstone Wedding venue Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-18 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-20 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-23 groom gets emotional as his bride arrives at The Orangery Maidstone wedding venue Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-24 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-26 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-27 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-28 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-29 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-30 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-31 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-33 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-34 the-orangery-maidstone-wedding-photographer-200 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-36 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos orangery-wedding-photos---Paula-and-Paul's-special-day-501 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-38Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-39orangery-wedding-photos---Paula-and-Paul's-special-day-500 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-41 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Newlyweds have portrait shot at The Orangery Maidstone Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-44 orangery-wedding-photos---Paula-and-Paul's-special-day-450 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos the-orangery-maidstone-wedding-photographer-301orangery-wedding-photos---Paula-and-Paul's-special-day-500the-orangery-maidstone-wedding-photographer-302 the-orangery-maidstone-wedding-photographer-303 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-51 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-52 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-54 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-55 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photos Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-57 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-58 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-photosfather of the bride reacts to best man's speech at the orangery maidstone wedding reception Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-60 confetti throwing at the Orangery Maidstone Wedding Venue Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-67 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-68 Bride dances with her father at her orangery maidstone wedding Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-Photos couple have fun on the dance floor at Orangery Maidstone wedding Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-72 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-73 Paul-&-Paula's-Orangery-Maidstone-Wedding-74newlyweds night time portrait shot at the Orangery Maidstone Wedding VenueGorgeous couple, gorgeous day!  Many congratulations you two! x

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