Tom & Anastasia’s countryside engagement shoot

I’m so pleased to post some images from Tom and Anastasia’s countryside engagement shoot which took place last week.  We only had a small window of opportunity for their engagement shoot before their wedding at The Old Kent Barn this Friday!  Thankfully we had beautiful weather – so lucky.  A setting sun can come with some challenges in terms of it’s strength and brightness but it also offers some wonderful creative opportunities too, as shown in the following images.

It was so lovely to finally meet Tom and Anastasia after they booked me over 18 months ago to shoot their autumn wedding – and what a gorgeous couple!  So lovely to get a long with and good fun.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the evening…

Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-1 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-2 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-3 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-countryside Engagement-Shoot countryside engagement shoot - Anasastia & Tom Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-6 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-7 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-8 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-9 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-10 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-11 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-12 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-13 Tom-&-Anastasia's-Canterbury-Engagement-Shoot-14 Tom-&-Anastasia's-countryside engagement shoot

Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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