David and Rukmanie’s Sikh Wedding – Day 1 – Mehndi Celebration!

I’ve been looking forward to posting the blog of Rukmanie and David’s Sikh Wedding, which as well as including a spectacular wedding ceremony and celebrations, I was lucky enough to be asked to cover a couple of the important events and ceremonies which took place in run up the their wedding to prepare the couple for the big day! The first event was the Mehndi Celebration.

This traditional mehndi (henna) night took place two nights before their wedding and entailed Rukmanie being adorned with intricate bridal mehndi. The dark colour of the mehndi signifies the strength of the love between husband and wife and some also say that the darker the colour the better the relationship between the bride and her mother-in-law(!). Traditional Punjabi folk songs and dancing also took place to set the scene for the festivities to come.  Female family members and friends (and the groom!)  were also treated to decorative henna painting on a less elaborate scale, but still beautiful and delicate.

To share my journey documenting these incredible three days was my good friend and talented cinematographer, Anna of Somma Productions.  When we arrived at Rukmanie’s parents home in Kent, we were warmly welcomed. The henna painting was well under way – the detailed application to Rukmanie’s hands, forearms and feet had began a number of hours ago and there were still a number to go!  Family and friends continued to arrive and the celebrations started to warm up very quickly! The colourful sari’s were exquisite.

Here are some of my favourite images from the evening – and what a vibrant, entertaining evening – colourful, musical and so much happiness and energy – a photographers dream!

Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-4 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-2 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-3Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebration-Photography-888 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebration - henna being drawn on the bride's hands Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-7 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-9Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-1 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-10Rukmanie-&-Dave---Henna-Party-32 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-11 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-12 energetic music and dancing at the Mehndi Celebration Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-14 Mehndi-Celebrations-photos in Kent Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebration photos Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebration beautiful bride to be Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-18 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-19 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-20 festive -Mehndi-Celebration in kent Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebration photography Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-23 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-24 Rukmanie-and-David's-Mehndi-Celebrations-25Wow!  What an fantastic beginning to our three days covering Rukamanie and David’s marriage. Thank you for your warm hospitality x

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