Confetti shots and why I love them!

Those of you who know me will confirm that I’m a big fan of the confetti shot.  That moment when you step out as Mr and Mrs and are surrounded by your nearest and dearest and are showered with pretty confetti – I love the glow of happiness on everyone’s face as they welcome the newlyweds.  It epitomises all the wonderful things about weddings – spontaneity, laughter and a bit of colour drama!  It symbolises a kind of rite of passage and is exactly the kind of fun and colourful image that couples always love to look back on for years to come. I just feel these joyful, carefree images are a real wow! What’s not to love?!

The tradition of throwing over the bride and groom comes from Italy. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grain or rice thrown at the happy couple, to bestow prosperity and fertility.

A successful confetti shot needs to be orchestrated by your photographer, so make sure that you have organised a time and place – if you leave it to chance,  there’s a possibility it won’t happen!  If the wedding party forms a tunnel through which the couple walk, this often works very well, and remember that you need a lot of confetti for a really great shot.  Cones can look pretty, but I find that a large basket  full to the brim of bio-degradable petals are more practical and guests can take a good handful ready to launch!  It’s worth pointing out that it’s a good idea to check with your venue as to  whether confetti is allowed.  It has been the case where it’s not permissible but in some cases bubbles are allowed, which can be equally effective!

It’s a good idea to make provisions to provide confetti for your guests rather than hoping that guests will bring their own. These days confetti comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures, and you can still buy natural petals, which remain the most popular type, and certainly the most Vicar- and venue-friendly! Many couples make confetti their DIY wedding project by drying their favourite flower petals before the wedding. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and you can find ideas on how to make your own confetti here.

Here’s to many more bathed in happiness confetti shots!

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  1. suzanne fossey March 23, 2018 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    What a brilliant post! Love all the different expressions you’ve caught of confetti-covered couples – you’re right, they’re incredibly expressive moments! Love them.

  2. Duncan Kerridge March 27, 2018 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    I’m with you, I love a good confetti shot as well, these are great!

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